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CERASEE- Momordica charantiaAlso known as:- bitter melon, bitter gourd or bitter squashCerasee is originally a native of the Middle East, The Mediterannean and Northern Africa. It was introduced to South America, particularly Brazil, by slaves and from there it spread to the rest of Latin and Central America and finally to the West Indies where it is found mostly today.

19 Apr 20

The exotic and somewhat mysterious Siamese cat hails from the country of Thailand. They had always been a popular breed of cats, some even residing in royal palaces. Siamese cats, in the past, were trusted to protect royal palaces and monasteries from evil spirits. These cats were also thought of as bringing good fortune to their owners as well.

08 May 20

IntroductionThe Young at Heart Homeowners Association (name changed for privacy) has long been an active community of young seniors. Built during the mid-eighties, this community has an established Board of Directors, Committees and Social infrastructure and professional management which made it one of the most desirable Adult Communities in its county.

27 Jun 20

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16 Sep 20
Many homes in America have the same problem that comes with a simple solution. There's a chance you're selling your property, you might be moving into a smaller place, or you could just be exhausted by all the stuff. Every so often we need to de-clutter the stuff in our lives.
26 Oct 20
Everyone knows that having everything in the world does not lead to happiness. There is something more than material things that is needed to make people happy. It's imagination. Imagination can turn even the most mundane things into something to be celebrated, and is something that every parent should try and instill in their child at an early age.
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24 Oct 20
We all grow naturally. Without much effort, we see bones develop from infant stages into adult hood, from soft pliable material to hard matter. We see muscles grow and we feel ourselves getting stronger with time. All of this occurs naturally, as we eat, work, and play. But what does it take for us to grow spiritually? Spiritual growth requires a conscious effort of introspection and analysis.
18 Nov 20
Humans go through different emotions during the course of their lifetime. There are many feelings and emotions that arise based on situations, conditions or even circumstances. The emotional reactions that people go through can be both positive and negative. Negative reactions can easily become harmful if not handled the right way.
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