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September 7, 2020
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For the First-Time Tea Drinker: How to Make Natural Herbal Tea

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Natural herbal tea can help to relieve stress and help with various health issues such as coughs and colds. Herbal tea is made with many different types of herbs. With your own special touch, you can create delicious cups of your favorite tea several times a day.

One of the different types of herbs available for making tea is chamomile that is a mild tasting tea with a relaxing effect. If you have a cold in order to soothe it you may want to try drinking licorice, ginger or eucalyptus tea.

Other herbal teas that will put you in an uplifting mood are spearmint, lavender, thyme or cinnamon. Some people mix different herbs to make up a special blend of tea. This can create a new and exciting flavor in herbal tea.

One of the health benefits that natural herbal tea can offer are antioxidants that help to keep your digestive system in good order. When you go to make the tea, fill your kettle with water and then heat it until it reaches a boil. After it reaches a boil, take your favorite teapot and fill it up with the boiling water.

Keep the lid closed on the teapot to keep it good and hot. Let it sit around three minutes to warm up and then pour the water out of the teapot down the drain. Take a teaspoon of your favorite herbs or a teabag and place it in your teacup. Then add a teabag in your teapot. One rule of measure is to add one teabag per cup of water.

Take your water kettle and pour the hot water in the teacups and teapot. Let it all set for about five minutes. Remove the teabags from your teacups and teapot. Make sure to taste the tea and then judge whether it may need more or less of something to make it taste better. After you taste the tea and are satisfied with the way that it taste you can add a little bit of honey or milk if you prefer a sweet taste to your tea.

Natural herbal tea is a drink that can make you feel relaxed and at ease. It can lift your spirits and soothe your body. It is a drink that people like to drink all hours of the day. With all the wide range of herbs that are available, you have many good choices to choose from when making herbal tea.


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