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July 19, 2020
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Different Yoga Styles For Different Needs

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There are several different styles of yoga that have become popular worldwide, and if you go to any health club, fitness center, or community yoga class you are likely to find one or more yoga styles being offered for a variety of lifestyles and physical needs. The style of yoga that a person takes up is important so that the best results of achieving a healthy balance between the body, mind, and spirit can truly be realized.

While all the styles of yoga are designed to make you stronger, increase your body's flexibility, and help with balance and posture, there are certain nuances in yoga styles that make it a must for you to choose one that is most appropriate for your fitness level. People's fitness needs vary depending on the level of activity they are actually involved in; for instance, someone who does not exert much physical activity would likely need a different yoga plan than someone who is an athlete and has endurance training most of the week.

The choice of yoga style also depends on the instructor some times. A professional who has been trained extensively in Intensive Yoga Teacher Training would know which yoga class would be appropriate for your physical needs, your temperament and attitude, as well as your physical goals and why you are interested in taking up yoga. If you do not have immediate access to a Yoga Teacher Training Course, your best bet is to try different styles and instructors until you find one you are comfortable with.

For beginners to yoga, experts would recommend the Iyengar yoga because it teaches much of the details of yoga in a slower pace, allowing the participant to ease into the yoga lifestyle. This style of yoga is one of the more popular ones in the world. Another beginner style recommended is Bikram yoga, with its relatively simpler routine of 26 poses for muscle stretching and strengthening.

Among athletes and dedicated fitness buffs, the Power Yoga is very popular, and it is usually offered in gyms and health clubs. Power Yoga focuses on upper-body strength and agility with athletic and fast-moving poses and sequences that resemble a contemporary workout class.

If you are looking for a yoga style that is more spiritual, philosophical or mental in nature, try the Sivananda yoga. Popularized in health camps in the Bahamas and other places, this form of yoga combines all the aspects of the yoga lifestyle, which are proper exercise, correct diet, breathing, relaxation, and the power of positive thinking, giving you a well-rounded yoga experience.


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