Divine Guidance Readings

with Life, Love and Relationship Coach &

Angel Intuitive She-She O'Donnell

“She-She is so connected to the Angels that once you enter a session your whole body can feel their presence, trust me it's truly magical.  The word that could describe my experience getting a reading would be sublime. She-She was able to help me see where I'm always being guided at every step by my angels and how my life is constantly being supported by these divine presences. What sets her apart from other readers is that she also offers solid and practical information to get in to action. If you are ready to connect with guidance that has always been available but somehow hasn't been as clear as you would like, now is the time to dive in to an experience that will transform your life. She has the capability to turn up the volume of the angel voices that have been cheering you on all along so you can finally hear them clearly and take on their guidance to create a life you love.”

-Xochitl Ashe- Visionary Business Empowerment Coach and Entrepeneur

“I have had the privilege of being able to receive guidance and channeling from She-She on a number of occasions, though she may be this super beaming bright Angelic being, when it comes down to it, when I have really been in a healing crisis and I have gone to her for assistance, she will always cut straight through with some statement that just recalibrates my consciousness and tells me everything I need in that moment and makes me feel relaxed, and safe and deeply at peace trusting God and everything. She has such a supportive, angelic loving energy about her, and yet her guidance is very grounded and directly applicable. She has been my number one go-to person for all my emotional crises’ since 2013. She loves what she does, and genuinely cares about all people, and you can feel that from her, and it always rubs off on you too! Thank you She-She! I am so happy you are offering again your Divine Guidance readings!!  

-Ava Violette Laurèl, Actress, Author, Healer, Spiritual Teacher

"I am so blessed to have met She-She in 2003. With my first reading with her I was amazed. Over the years she has been a clear channel, friend and mentor. Her guidance is clear, accurate and from Source!  She has helped me get married, stay married and grow my abilities. She powerfully aligned me with my own resources I wasn't aware  were available to me!  The invisible words that were whispered in my heart thousands of times were finally made visible. Working with her for a number of years now I connect deeply with Source Energy, access my intuition and have strengthened the innate psychic abilities that were already gifted to me."

- Dr. Sarah Larsen MD, Medical Intuitive and International Speaker 

"What a special treat to have a reading with Sheila. For me it was more about the spirituality of being in a special place where I could see joy and possibilities.Whereas before, my own fear and negativity would talk me out of doing things, or give me reasons why my dreams could not happen before I even started." 

- Louise Barlow, Film and Commercial Producer

"I very HIGHLY recommend She-She!!  I’ve recommended her services to family and friends and they've all had nothing but great things to say about their personal experiences with her.

She-She has an amazing gift to channel the messages I've needed to hear each time I've reached out to her for a divine reading session. I'm not one to believe in people who claim that are psychics or mediums until I had the first hand experience with She-She. She told me things that I knew in my heart to be true all along but needed the confirmation that it was something which I needed to pursue. I knew within the first 5 minutes of my reading that I was in the presence of a gifted human being here to help others along the way.

It's been over a year since I had my first session with She-She and many of the things she told me have come to fruition. Of course I had to take action to make it happen but it was definitely a bit easier knowing that I was going in the direction that best served me and those I come into contact with. I thank my guides for bringing She-She into my path and am grateful to know someone who has such a loving and authentic heart who wants nothing but the best for her clients and friends. I believe she's one of my guardian angels in physical form.  Do yourself a favor and give her a try, I'm confident you'll be thanking yourself that you did."

- Emerzon Estrada, IT Professional, Life Coach

"Gifted & loving She She…YES, she is an Earth Angel. 
My reading was so accurate with confirmations & on point, I was blown away for the entire hour!. Her guidance is so helpful, deeply insightful & empowering now in my life.  She she channels with clarity & abundance what must be communicated. I had the honor to have her sing for me, what an angelic voice, I really felt lifted & hugged by my angels. I am so grateful to have had the unique & wonderful experience. She truly cares about being in service & I highly recommend meeting her in person ...not to mention her humor & presence. You’ll want to come back!"

- Emmanuelle Blanc, Fashion Designer

"She-She is one of my GO-TOs for intuitive psychic and angelic guidance! I recently had a reading with her when I was running out of time looking for a place to live, and I was trying to decide between 2 great, but not perfect options. In our reading she tapped into her guides and said "no, neither...there's something else for you!". Within the week I had found a beautiful secluded sanctuary and when I ran it by her she got a definite yes. Somehow I was only one of 2 people to see the place! I signed the lease within the week, and was able to move in the day my old lease ended. I am in love with my sanctuary and so grateful for the guidance she provided. Other readings I've had have been equally profound and healing, so much so that I bought sessions for family members and many of my friends as transformative gifts and often refer my massage clients to her. She-She is truly gifted and has such a lovely grounded sparkling personality doused with glamour, humor and celebratory charm. I highly recommend her services!"

- Arianna Gouveia, Licensed Massage Therapist

"She-She is truly a divine angel sharing her gifts and passions with the world. I had never received an angel reading before and was unsure of what I was walking into. Right from the get go I felt a calming and peaceful presence from She-She. Kind of like that feeling of walking into your home after you have been gone on vacation for a while.

She was so present, I could feel love and compassion radiate from her soul. She-She channels divine grace through her mind body and soul. What she shared with me throughout the session touched my heart so deeply and profoundly that I felt ready to conquer the world while also feeling like a zen monk in pure tranquility and peace. My favorite part was when she asked me if I had anything I wanted to ask my angels. This allowed me to remove the weight of the world from my shoulders. 

 After our session I noticed I felt empowered in my purpose and also a deep knowing that I didn't have to worry about how I was going to get there. Any fear and anxiety melted away from me and I'm now left as pure light with more awareness into my angels and my path. Thank you so much She-She for following your bliss and igniting the fire into my heart and soul. If you’re looking for cosmic connections, I highly recommend this beautiful soul."

- Michael Paige, Health Coach

"This was my 1st angel reading, and oh my goodness I could feel their energy! She-She is incredibly gifted and truly connects with the angels. All the answers to the questions I asked were spot on. Unlike a psychic reading that often times feels methodical and informational, and that's pretty much it, getting a reading from She-She is incredibly empowering, inspiring, uplifting, deeply insightful and very useful. 

She-She's presence is such a joy to be around that you just want to hug her! I have since sent a few people to her and they came back overjoyed and newly inspired to move forward in the right direction of their dreams and true self-expression.  When you see her I would definitely recommend that you record the reading, as you'll want to listen to it later. I sure wish I had. Come prepared with good questions!"

– Gemini Ferrie, Love & Relationship Coach


"I can't say enough good things about She-She. I have had three readings with her so far and the first two were 10 years apart. She has this beautiful way of making you feel so confident in who you are and showing you your personal path so clearly that it shines like the yellow brick road! For me, she always shows me the positive way of looking at my life so I experience more joy in what is already present. She gives me faith that the path I follow will have a positive outcome and shows me the tweaks I need to make in my life to create that outcome to my perfect desire. She has an amazing gift in how clearly she receives messages from the highest source. It amazes me every time. Go see her!"

– Stephanie Erdel- Musician

"She-She is the real deal. Spot on readings, she won't pull punches. Go to her if you want Truth!"

-Joy Phoenix, Business Empowerment Coach

 "Wow,  She-She's readings are so on point and I find her angel guidance to be super helpful in my life.. especially in regards to self clarity and getting more work! She is a truly gifted and a loving person, which you will get when you meet her in person! She truly cares about being in service and helping offers gain clarity in their life! I could not recommend anybody better to get a reading from in Los Angeles! Thank you She-She for the awesome reading!!"

-Jason Patsalis, Cameraman, Editor


"Always an intuitive and divinely guided reading from Angel She-She! My life has changed dramatically for the better since I began working with her in January. Many paradigm shifts ignited by the insights gained through communication with Angels, guided by She-She. In gratitude for the synchronicities that have led me to her!"

-Judah Allen, Music Producer


"She-She is the real deal- truly gifted and offers right on guidance. She's able to help course-correct you if you're going off track to get you back to what is for your highest good. I cannot say enough good things about her- she truly comes from a place of service and love."

-Allyson Reilly, Actor